Differences between Northern Cyprus and the Arab Emirates

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main differences between North Cyprus and the Arab Emirates:

  1. Cost of Living: One of the main advantages of North Cyprus is the affordable cost of living compared to the Arab Emirates. This means you can enjoy a high standard of living without going broke.
  2. Property prices: North Cyprus offers a wide range of properties at attractive prices, from modern apartments to luxury villas. In contrast, Dubai’s real estate market is notoriously expensive, making it out of reach for many investors.
  3. Business Opportunities: Northern Cyprus is an emerging market that offers investors many business opportunities, especially in sectors such as tourism, real estate and education. Dubai, on the other hand, is a mature market dominated by established companies, making it difficult for new businesses to compete.

4- Lifestyle: Northern Cyprus offers a relaxed lifestyle centered on family, friends and community. Dubai, on the other hand, is known for its fast-paced cosmopolitan lifestyle, which can be overwhelming for some.⠀

  1. Strategic Location: Northern Cyprus is strategically located between Europe, Asia and the Middle East, making it an ideal location for business and trade and tourism.

Overall, Northern Cyprus offers unique investment opportunities for those seeking a high quality of life and affordable cost of living. With its beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage and emerging business opportunities, it is no wonder that more and more foreign investors are turning their attention to this hidden gem of the Mediterranean.

Safety in Northern Cyprus

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